Telehealth Suite

Augmenting the delivery of precision digital health.

TeleHealth Suite provides Virtual Care Center services to support the entire care continuum.

Personalized engagement of Population Health

High Touch Care

Focused on patient experience and engagement, our unique people-driven solution is fully scalable, using multi-layer telecommunications support to enhance access to care, reducing social isolation with multiple human touch points.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Interaction

Using the foundation of Chronic Care Management and behavior change, our RPM solutions increase compliance and deliver improvements in quality metrics and value-based care for better health outcomes at lower costs.

Collaborative Evidence-Based Care

Support distributive collaboration for your care providers to improve the quality and value of care

HIT Interoperability

Our platforms are built on HIPAA compliant architecture that support HL7, offering the secure framework to integrate and connect to other health management systems.

Our Virtual Care Center is the HUB

Augment the traditional healthcare delivery in a growing digital age

  • Distributive Care (cloud solution)
  • Increases Access (24/7/365)
  • Enables Scalability (load balancing)
  • Drives Utilization (high touch)
  • System Security (HIPAA / HL7 support)

The Institutions and businesses we serve