Welcome to the future of Virtual Care

One Health Solutions is THE leading virtual care solution in both human and veterinary telehealth.

Telehealth Suite helps providers and payers drive improved outcomes by facilitating behavior change and staging timely, interactive interventions to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and costly escalations of care.

We augment the delivery of precision primary and specialty care and support Chronic Care Management through Remote Patient Monitoring and in-depth engagement. We strongly believe that technology is best used as a conduit for information to connect those in need of care with those who can assist with and provide that care and that upstream intervention based on the precursors for episodic events is the key to managing and preventing the escalation of chronic conditions.

VetNOW is the industry leading Virtual Care Platform that provides a full suite of products and services that make Veterinary Care more affordable, convenient and efficient for veterinarians, pet owners, and patients.

We harness the potential of a distributed pool of specialty veterinarians and an established, secure, and easy-to-use technology to augment the abilities of vets and caregivers to facilitate improved medical outcomes.