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We are proud to partner with leading medical diagnostic solution providers to provide state-of-the-art technology that can help with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

For our current corporate partners involved in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, please use your credentials on our partner portal.

One Health Solutions is a leader in providing leading healthcare technology, including COVID-19 response technology, telehealth, virtual care and digital technology to people across the globe.

One Health Solutions Provides A Virtual Care Center Service to Support the Entire Care Continuum.

Technology to help our corporate partners address COVID-19
Conditions such as Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, and Substance Use.
Virtual Care Centers with smart and balanced capacity and management.

Core Offerings Provided by One Health Solutions

COVID-19 Response Technology

We are proud to offer essential COVID-19 response technology to our corporate partners. By providing key COVID-19 response technology, that can be a part of our corporate partners’ overall toolkit, we help them address the current epidemic.

High Touch Virtual Care Center

Focused on patient experience and patient engagement, it offers multi-layer telecommunications support through voice, video, chat, email, or text, with multiple human touch-points.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Interaction

Using artificial intelligence-driven analytics, our technology provides decision support for care providers , uses objective (biometric capture data) and subjective (video visits and questionnaire responses) assessment to drive decision making. COVID-19 response efforts benefit from Remote Patient Monitoring. For example, at home monitoring can be done for those infected, or suspected of being infected.

HIT Interoperability

Built with HIPAA compliant architecture, it offers the framework to integrate and connect to other health management systems. Our software platform is completely agnostic, and can integrate with any other software (EMR, PIMS) or hardware (smart watches, pulse oximetry sensors, digital thermometers).

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